Cerebellum is an immersive, micro-touring platform celebrating interdisciplinary, live, interactive and inclusive arts and collaboration. With an innovative and experimental spirit at its core, Cerebellum enables artists from across Greater London and the South East to make and show work in two locations without incurring financial loss.

Cerebellum was relaunched in 2015 in a micro-touring format, networking emerging and established interdisciplinary artists between London and the South East.

Cerebellum was established by Multidisciplinary Artist, Curator and Facilitator Charlotte CHW in London in 2014 as a series of short one-off events. However it has evolved and grown to not one, but two micro-touring platforms in August and November 2016, both taking place in Hastings and London, UK, encompassing live arts events, exhibitions and free workshops facilitated by artists taking part in the platform and open to all in the surrounding communities.

The live events at the beginning of the platform in each location act as the epicentre of the platform in which live, interactive, sound and digital arts and film, installation, 1:1, durational work and more can be experienced within the wider context of the exhibition.