November Update

Apologies for no word for so long...and some other apologies too!

Thank you again to all who donated to our crowdfunded and attended the events. Without you Cerebellum would NOT have happened and thus we would not have been able to financially support a number of innovative artists in making exciting new interdisciplinary work. A massive sorry for the delay to the sending out of prints, originals and ceramics to crowdfunder funders. We haven't forgotten. This will be done VERY soon.

Despite all of the positives, we did make some loss on the August platform due to a lack of full funding and trying hard to keep the entry price to the events (the only other source of income) accessible to all. As a result, we will no longer be running a second platform in 2016 (November) We are however looking to our future in 2017 and hope to be back soon and in the meantime adding to our website and archive.

Look out for photos and video documentation from August appearing very soon.

Charlotte CHW, Curator & founder, Cerebellum